Travelling to and from school

Vehicle parking

A car park for parent’s convenience is situated behind the Maddington Fire Station. Entry is one way off Attfield Street and exit onto Cowan Street. Normal road rules apply when collecting your children from school.  

Under no circumstances should parents be parking at the front of the school off Albany Highway unless they are collecting their child prior to the conclusion of school for an appointment.  This causes a serious safety concern to all pedestrians as the area is not policed by school staff. 

Designated parking facilities are located at the rear of the school off Attfield Street where staff can supervise children being collected.  Please adhere to these rules for the safety of all concerned.

Download a copy of the parking map.

Crosswalk – Albany Highway

The crosswalk is attended Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 8.15am – 9.00am and 2.30pm – 3.30pm. Wednesdays 1.45pm – 2.25pm.

Children are expected to use this service. Children who need to cross the highway at times within school hours but outside the attendant’s hours of duty must arrange with the Principal for teacher supervision of their crossing of Albany Highway.

School Gates are opened at 7.30am and again at 2.45pm. School Gates are then locked at 9.30am daily.