Applications for Enrolment (Part A) for new students for Kindergarten to Year 6 in 2022 are invited.  Please inquire with the school office by phoning 9205 5900 or by emailing maddington.ps@education.wa.edu.au on how to register your child.

Enrolment Procedure

Parents are invited to enrol students that reside within our Local Intake Area (boundary) at Maddington Primary School. Please refer to the information tab (local intake area) with our current boundaries.

Parents wishing to enrol a child can fill in and download an application for enrolment form (part A) by using the following link Application For Enrolment – Maddington PS and email with a copy of the supporting documents required to maddington.ps@education.wa.edu.au. Alternatively, a form can be collected from the front office.  Please note that the following supporting documents are required in addition to the Application for Enrolment and Student Enrolment Forms;

If your child was not born in Australia or both parents were born overseas, please provide the following details.

  • Visa Grant Notice
  • Passport or travel documents Parent/Child
  • Date of entry into Australia
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate

If your application is successful, you will be asked to complete a Student Enrolment Form part B at the school.  This form is included in a separate package of information. The successful application is then signed off by the Principal and the parent/guardian will then be contacted to complete the Enrolment process.

It is essential that all of the information on these forms is accurate and current and that any medical information supplied is correct to enable the school to create an emergency response plan if one is required.

It is vital that in an emergency, we are able to reach parents immediately.  Should parents be unavailable, the emergency contact supplied will be called. Therefore it is important that this contact information is kept updated.

Overseas Enrolment

Students born overseas must hold either an Australian passport or appropriate visa before applying to the school.  Students who do not hold an Australian passport during the application process must present their passport and visa paperwork at the time of Enrolment.

Custody Arrangements- Access Rights

Parents and carers are advised that the school Education Act obliges parents to inform schools of any Family Court Orders or other orders which are applicable to their children.

A copy of any Family Court Orders must be supplied to the school so staff members are aware of family arrangements, restricted access etc. Documentation is required otherwise both parents will have equal rights of access.

Up to Date Student Records/Information

At Maddington Primary School we treat all our students’ welfare as our highest priority, therefore it is important in the case of emergencies that we have the most up to date student and family information. Student update forms are sent home at the beginning of the school year for parents to update, however, if any of the following changes happen throughout the year, please contact the school;

  • Residential address
  • Telephone numbers – mobile, work or home
  • Email addresses
  • Emergency contact names or phone numbers
  • Medical details such as allergies or Doctor