Download a copy of Lowes Uniform Price List as at Oct 2022

Maddington Primary School is a Sun Smart School that follows the policies provided by the Cancer Council. 

All students are encouraged to wear the school uniform, including appropriate footwear, to help in the establishment and maintenance of a cooperative school spirit. The Maddington School uniform consists of :- 


  • Maroon Polo with Gold Trimmings with School Logo 
  • Black/Gold Leavers shirt (Year 6?s) 
  • Black shorts, skort, skirt 
  • Maroon and white check dress 


  • Maroon long sleeve polo shirt, maroon zip jacket, maroon windcheater 
  • Black cargo pants, black jazz pants, black track pants 


  • A black bucket hat with the school logo is to be worn when outside.  If no hat is worn 

Uniforms can be purchased from:

Lowes Menswear
Maddington Centro Shopping Centre
Attfield St Maddington 6109.
Telephone 9452 0380
Visit Lowes https://www.lowes.com.au/schools-online/maddington-primary-school for further information and online orders.

Dress Code

Our dress code supports the Department of Education requirements that all students attending public schools are required to be clean and dressed appropriately for school activities.

  • At Maddington Primary School, we have a strong belief that a dress code is necessary because it:
  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
  • Separate school from leisure time, focusing students’ efforts on learning
  • Provides students with a sense of belonging
  • Instils and promotes pride and team spirit in students
  • Ensures that students are dressed safely for school activities and the environment
  • Prepares students for work, as many places have dress and safety codes

It is the school policy that students are required to wear the school uniform at all times, including school excursions.


Students encouraged to wear closed in, laced up/ Velcro shoes. Physical activity is part of every classrooms daily routine and as such, footwear must be appropriate for running, so sports sneakers, preferably black in colour, are the most favourable footwear  (thongs, scuffs and slip ons are not permitted). 


Any hair shoulder length or longer will need to be fully tied up or back. This will help in the prevention of head lice infestation. 


For safety reasons, Jewellery is not permitted, except ‘studs’ or ‘sleeper’ type earrings and

a watch. Nail polish is not permitted.


Makeup is considered inappropriate and is not to be worn at school. 


Students are expected to wear a school hat for all outside activities during the school day. This policy is implemented for the entire year. The school has a ‘no hat – no play’ policy. Students who do not have a hat will be required to stay on the verandahs and in the undercover area.